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Marina or Anchorage? — How, When, and Why We Choose Between Them?

Well, Spirited Away is safely tucked away for the Summer. What?  Isn’t Summer when everyone is supposed to be on their boat?  Let me explain.   There are two boating seasons in my life:  Fall/Winter/Spring boating, and Summer boating.  Together, they keep me on the water 12 months of the year.   This year, Summer boating began on June 1.  That's when our Nordhavn went into hibernation until Fall.  Summer boating for me is completely different from being a live-aboard.  And yet, I owe Summer boating for teaching me how to boat, for giving my dad the idea that live-aboard life could be great for me during my Middle School years, and for his decision to buy a Nordhavn. Summer boating, and how it relates to my live-aboard life, will be my next blog post.  I think you'll really enjoy it.   Here's a hint. Now on to the current post. __________ Having just completed our second year as live-aboards and looking back at thousands of photos we’ve taken so far, I wondered why we ha

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